Dancity festival 2017 will feature a project called DANCITY SCHOOL, also present the last years,  curated for this edition by Kidsbit. Dancity School will be free and addressed to the younger ones ( everyone is of course more than welcome to partecipate!) and will take place on Friday 30th of June and Saturday the 1st of July. The workshops’ aim is to learn how to transform recyclable materials into musical instruments.

Dancity School: why bin it if you can play it?

Transform recycling into sound!
Playing Contemporary 
  • Play with MOGEES
    Mogees is a small sensor able to transform any object into a musical instrument. Come and build your own Mogees! Free your imagination and revive the objects no one wants to use anymore. give a second life to a series of objects that no one wants to use anymore. Combine them, mix them, glue them and then play them! It will be a sound journey across  the world of recycling. A workshop curated by Kidsbit in collaboration with Mogees. Friday and Saturday starting 4.30 pm until 7.15 pm.


  • Play with VIBRATIONS
    Are you ready to build your first electronic board? You bring your own curiosity, innocence and creativity, and the rest is on us. We will learn how to use microphones, electronic controllers and Arduino. We will paint with a magical ink that is also an electricity conductor, collect old games and other wastage materials in order to create an electronic music instrument with super cool sounds! Curated by Kidsbit in collaboration with the sound designer Michele Mandrelli. Saturday the 1st, from 5 pm to 7.15 pm.

Dancity School 2014  

Dancity School  is free, and mainly addressed to kids aged 7 to 12.