Fabrizio Rat & Etienne Jaumet

Auditorium S. Domenico

29th Dec - 21:00

Etienne Jaumet and Fabrizio Rat announce their debut full-length collaboration, to be released on the 2nd March 2021 by Bureau B.
On this album they explore the encounter between Fabrizio’s favourite instrument, the acoustic piano, and Etienne’s modular synthesizer. Simple musical ideas are repeated and transformed in an extremely gradual process, investigating the possibilities of these two very different sound sources.
Fabrizio’s playing technique on the piano is anything but conventional. He choses to employ only a few notes from the huge 88 key-board, and uses his left hand to transform the piano sound by manipulating the strings on different points with his fingers. His goal is to produce acoustic filtering and harmonic effects normally associated with electronic music.
Etienne is a sonic sculptor who uses his modular synthesizer to create modulations and sonic mantras that evolve over time. His sounds are warm and alive. They hypnotize the listener in a mental vortex.
The real focus of the duo is sonic transformation, departing from basic melodic and rhythmical elements. The harmonic richness of the acoustic piano mixes with the modulating lines of the modular filters creating unheard textures. The listeners are captured in a trip between trance and hypnosis, punctuated by the sparse hits of a drum machine.
Rive opposte opens with a repeated note modulated throughout the track in ever different ways while the piano unfolds a pattern played in harmonics, on the lower piano strings. In Sentiero the same melodic idea is played by both instruments in unison, repeated over and over while the modular timbre evolves very gradually – the piano displaces the melody through the octaves and harmonizes it in ever changing ways. Visione Pop has a playful character. Permutations of a three note pattern at the piano respond to a captivating melody on the modular. The two elements evolve independently, exploring various sonic possibilities and playing techniques.
The resulting album from this collaboration is a deeply hypnotic trip, exploring novel sonic mixtures between the acoustic and electronic world.

Fabrizio Rat has produced 4 solo albums and 8 EPs on labels such as Blackstrobe Records, Involve Records, Odd Even and Optimo Trax. He is acknowledged for his intense performances in clubs and festivals, mixing  acoustic piano, drum machines and synthesizers. His music travels through techno, electronic and experimental music.
Etienne Jaumet has released 3 solo albums on Versatile Records, and a half dozen records with his group Zombie Zombie. He collaborated with artists such as James Holden, Sonic Boom, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Richard Pinhas, Gilbert Artman, The Married Monk, and Flop. His music is very cinematographic and evolves between jazz, ambient and electro.

Resident Advisor – Fabrizio Rat
Resident Advisor – Etienne Jeumet



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